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Floydada Coop Gins

Ginning has begun for 2023. We ginned first bale October 20th 2023.

Looking Forward to a Great Year Here at FCG

Come by or call in to schedule a tour of one or both of your cotton gins Aaron or Tanner would be glad to show you around and talk about the gin or its process.

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Serving Cotton Farmers Throughout Floyd and Surrounding Counties

As one of the larger ginning operations in West Texas, we are proud to serve our cotton producers/owners throughout Floyd and surrounding counties.  Cotton is a vital resource for both the United States of America and the world.  Our producer/owners work hard to grow the best cotton in the world and we strive to process that cotton quickly and to the highest quality standard.  If you would like to join FCG as a cotton producer/owner, get in touch today.

Cotton: Fiber Of Life

Did you know that cotton is used in every aspect of our lives?  From our money to our clothes.  Cotton is even used extensively in many medical procedures from a major surgery to a Band-Aid.  Your home, your cars, and even your technology is ingrained with products from the cotton farming industry.  Floydada Coop Gin occupies an integral part of making West Texas cotton span the world.

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Floydada Coop Gin Plant 1

Floydada Coop Gin Plant 2

Plant 1
319 N 5th St
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Plant 2
2561 US-62
Floydada, TX 79235